Get ready to paint the town fabulous as we dive into a world of glitz and glamour!

We're about to unlock the secrets to show-stopping New Year's Eve makeup looks that will have you shining brighter than the midnight fireworks.

Let the countdown to a night of beauty and celebration begin!



This duochrome masterpiece is like a disco for your face, and we're here for it! @wendysworld_xox has created this look with Goblin Chroma Flakes, Cyclops Chroma Flik, and Black Spectra Lash! Planning your NYE look? Our duochrome goodies are the secret sauce for a night that's as fabulous as you are!



Whipping up some New Year's Eve magic, @powderblush uses a blend of Curacao, Grapevine, and a dash of Coffee Cup!  The result? A dazzling masterpiece that's got the perfect dance between sparkle and matte! 



@infinityisangel just sprinkled some enchantment with Wet Liner Milk, turning her face into a canvas. This look is a dance of colours and patterns that screams "New Year, New Me!" Ready to rock this masterpiece on New Year's Eve?



@delphie_makeup just unleashed the magic with our Shape Shifter Highlighter Palette, Purple Spectra Lash, and Deep Sea Chroma Flik! Take a look at this shimmering, sparkly masterpiece. New Year's Eve just got a whole lot more dazzling!



Hold on to your makeup brushes, because @clairemccauleymakeup just unleashed a burst of fun with Wet Liners in Orangeade, Strawberry, Blueberry, Limeade, Bubblegum, Vanilla, and Grapeade! This look is as vibrant as fireworks lighting up the sky on NYE!



Ending this blog with a bang, just like a spectacular NYE countdown! @glamlooksby_vivy lit up the makeup game using our Shape Shifter Highlighter Palette and an array of Wet Liners—Peach, Cherryade, Grape, Grapeade, Bananas, Vanilla, Sulphur, Orangeade, Strawberry, Vegas, Chameleon, Sapphire, Mint, Blueberry, Topaz, and Bewitch, to create a fabulous firework look!


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 By Anya Parry Valeron

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