This month our Small Business Shout-out is an extra special one. Not only do we get to big up female owned business, PonkyWots, but we also get to catch up with the owner herself and announce a very exciting surprise!

Established in August of 2020, UK based independent PonkyWots began creating all things colourful, full of fun and a bit wonky! And people loved it. Every single item is hand-made and therefore any wonkiness only adds to its charm and character, each pot is individual to you! All PonkyWots are hand-made with love, by passionate owner, Jade Groves, a graduate from the Cambridge School of Art. 

“I’m heavily influenced by the stop-motion world and the characters within stop motion films and this is where my passion for creating unusual characters stemmed from!” - Jade, PonkyWots



You can get a whole bunch of ‘unusual’ new buddies from wonky Lemon and Orange Tealights to Jade’s infamous Cow-Boys and Devils Collections. There’s even cute accessories like trinket dishes and  Ponky Rainbow earrings to be found! Originally, PonkyWots were made from clay, but they are now made from a waterproof material, so you are able to plant, water and grow lovely plants in them without concern!  

“They are also shatter-proof and heat resistant. I coat them in a gorgeous super shiny gloss, so that they have a really similar appearance to ceramics. There are lots of steps for making my products, from making them, to sanding them, polishing them, painting them, glossing them…Each step takes a very long time and requires a fair amount of patience!!” - Jade, PonkyWots 



After all of the love put into these handmade, one of a kind items, a new love had begun to blossom elsewhere…

“I came across Glisten Cosmetics via a friend, who is known for always wearing colourful eyeliner to match her earrings (@chunkyresin). Her eyeliner always looked incredible, so I then bought some single Wet Liners and realised it would be great to have something to store them in. I started to think about a paint palette that would be practical as well as a super fun decorative piece. I reached out to Natalie at Glisten after she bought one of my pots at a pop-up and we started to brainstorm…” - Jade, PonkyWots


The cutest, cuties you ever did meet, the Glisten x PonkyWots collection!

The palette has 10 spaces to hold 10 Glisten Wet Liners. They sit just above the slots so that they are super easy to put the lids on and off, as well as being able to change and swap them out for different colours! We love this palette and the design is inspired by the Glisten logo, in a disco ball shape and with hand-painted details.

Jade then created Glisten inspired hand held mirrors and little pots to match. These have a gorgeous Gradient effect in classic, OG Glisten colours. 



“The little pots are perfect for holding all of your eyeliner brush collection. Each pot can happily store the entire Glisten Liner Brush range. The hand held mirrors were created with applying your eyeliners in mind, in the most fun way possible!” - Jade, PonkyWots

We are gonna throw up, they are too MUCH! Since all of the items are hand-made from start to finish, this collection will be quite limited! They will be released @ 6:00PM Friday 22nd August on PonkyWots website and we are so, so, SO excited. Thanks to Jade from PonkyWots for these limited edition Glisten pieces. Set your alarms for this one folks! It’s gonna be a doozy!

If you want some advice on how best to get ahold of Jade’s incredible, one off pieces and the limited edition Glisten collection, see her tips here.


By Erin O'Neill



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