This month’s Small Business Shout Out is about exciting and innovative company, Babes On Waves. Casually started during the pandemic, Babes On Waves is a membership club and agency connecting Black, Brown, Asian and other underrepresented creatives in business, within a welcoming and organic space that will leave members feeling motivated and inspired. With access to business workshops, supper clubs and exclusive events, this is a wave you’re going to want to catch!

Established Founder, Jasmine Douglas fills us in about the importance of having a space like this, their new community mentorship program and how Babes On Waves intentionally got started, but unintentionally turned into the massive success it is today. 



“...It just started off as a casual meet up where a group of women would meet up and just talk about business ideas and what we could do to achieve our goals. However, it wasn’t until the resurgence of Black Lives Matter and George Floyd that I decided to really focus on it, as it brought to light all the constant discrimination we’ve been facing as Black and Brown folk. It really drove home the point that there aren’t really any spaces for people like us in business. So it was my aim to create a space where diversity is the norm, not just the exception - where it’s a room full of Black and Brown women and not just you being the only one out.”
Jasmine, Babes On Waves


Through word of mouth, members suddenly soared from 60 to over 200! Jasmine is on a mission to change the game of how people network with her company, wanting to replace transactional networking with genuine connection within and across marginalised communities. 


They’d tell their friends about this [group] like, “Hey there’s this space for people who look like us” and those women would tell their friends too. Our number 1 aim is supporting the underrepresented and also, we want to just change the game of networking from dry, transactional vibes to something more genuine - focused on the power of real friendships.

Jasmine, Babes On Waves 



You can join the club and gain access to things such as exclusive networking events, links to potential customers or collabs as well as being placed on their impressive talent directory. You’ll have access to tons of exciting socials like one of their Anti-GirlBoss parties or No Small Talk supper clubs, IRL and virtually, plus access to valuable educational resources to help enhance your skill set. And the best part of all, a strong sense of community. Jasmine tells us more about what you can expect from their exciting new mentoring programme, as well as what’s coming up next in the calendar.

“Traditional mentoring can feel like too much pressure when it’s 1:1. You feel like you have to make huge progress between each meeting, or that you’ve let your mentor down. You also may know what you’re struggling with, but have no idea about the kinds of questions to ask to help you move forward. And for the imposter syndrome babes among us it’s hard to shake off the feeling that the questions you’re asking are ‘silly’. Our new Community Gardening programme is a new type of mentoring programme: We host intimate 8x person roundtables led by the most inspiring, amazing female founders. Each person brings a challenge or question to ask their mentor in the group, and so not only do you learn from them, but you learn from others in the group, and feel validated that everyone is on the same journey!! Each session is also catered by a POC chef from our community to spotlight them- Our first series was led by Fugazi Fusion, who explores her Bangladeshi-Italian heritage through food!”




“As for upcoming events, we’ve got our Christmas Market on 10th December. It’s BPOC female and non-binary businesses. All about trying to support them during the cost of living prices. So, if you are buying Christmas presents, we’re encouraging you to shop small. For next year definitely expect supper clubs, more markets, Co-work catchup days and our first IRL strategy session where people can come and plan their goals together.”

- Jasmine, Babes On Waves



It’s time for your main character moment, so don’t hold out and click the link to join now for as little as £19.99/pm! You can also check out their Instagram here for regular updates on workshops, skill shares and all round feel-good content, plus don’t forget the Babes On Waves Christmas Market will be held at Benk & Bo on 10th December from 10am. Make sure you sign up now to get access. Don’t miss this wave!




By Erin O'Neill

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