This week our Small Business Shoutout focuses on Kikay!,  an LA based company run by two young, business owners out of their University housing, Bella and Quinn. A brand that focuses on fun, handmade jewellery and accessories that are accessible for everyone, they believe that “Being extra shouldn’t cost you extra”. What's not to love?

With the focus being on lightweight, affordable products that use and create low waste, Kikay! has a wide range of adorable and easy to wear items, from clip-on earrings to keyrings, and a collection of enamel pins that are a feast for the eyes. All of their earrings are handmade with lots of love in their workshop in LA and are a big reflection of Bella and Quinn’s  badass personalities and style.



At The Kikay! Lab, offcuts of the leftover acrylic are even used to create new, upcycled pairs of bold earrings, so there is as little waste as possible from the laser cutting process- come on eco friendly! 

Kikay! just celebrated their third birthday and we have loved seeing them continue to flourish and grow. Here’s to many, many more! We personally are obsessed with this brand and urge you to run not walk when purchasing their products as they only use what they need, so stock is limited. Gosh, if only we could do a collaboration with Kikay!…


Ahem... Check out their official shop here and if you want to keep an eye out for our new product releases follow us here.



By Erin O'Neill


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