We are back, back, back again with another edition of The Glisteners, and this month y’all got artistic! The creative energy was clearly flowing as Mercury and Mars went into retrograde, and we saw abstract, editorial makeup with embellishments and vivid reds flood our feed. So, without further ado, we invite you to enjoy our Glistener gallery viewing...




The pout is enough to feature @diogo_borges_btw, but we also loved the colour combo in this ultra-glam-rock look using one of our Wet Liners, Double Denim. Gorgeous!




Using Cherry Pie, Evergreen, Coke Float and trending liner Key Lime, @cicubica creates this delicate, Spring floral look, but in the centre of her face! Not only is the centre-piece impressive, but don’t think we didn’t catch the cute liner on the eye- we see you @cicubica!



This ornamental graphic liner using Limeade is so simple, yet so effective we are desperate to try it ourselves. Of course, for @lu_shroom_’s iconic freckles use our best-seller, Milk.



@laur.artistry looks like a straight-up cyber-supermodel from the future using our Split Liner, Gateau teamed with her liquid metal enhancement in this modern look. Sometimes less is more, and let us tell you, we definitely want more like this! 



@laurane.rose uses Wet Liner, Lobster to create this powerful, feminine editorial makeup inspired by @roni4444ka. We could not be more obsessed with the pearl moustache and decoration. 



Like an artist takes oil paint to a canvas, @bylaurajne takes our Spectra Paints in Cyan, Royal Blue, Violet and White and applies the pigment to her lid freely for this stunning outcome.



Lobster makes another appearance in this spikey, avante-garde look by Creator, @existentialcrisistime. The addition of little crimson jewels is just the icing on this very yummy cake! 



Cubism is in folks. @byroclondres was inspired by painter George Condo for this visual delight using your favourite red, Lobster to line the lips and eyelashes. 



Makeup academy, @bodylight_connectik_art blew our minds with their epic cyberpunk, all-over rave body paint using our brushes and UV Neon Wet Liners. Can we come to the next event, please?



We are obsessed with this angelic, bridal look by @d.idooooooo. She uses our Spectra Paints in White and Rouge for her mascara, shadow, blush, and mascara! All topped off with the diamanté adornments; divine.

Such an inspiring group of talented artistes! What magical creations will we find next month? Get tagging us in your Glisten Cosmetics looks over on Instagram now so we don’t miss a beat. Literally.

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By Erin O’Neill



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