Welcome back to another exciting edition of The Glisteners! Get ready to have your minds blown and your creative juices flowing as we unveil the most jaw-dropping looks! These stunning styles will leave you speechless and inspired. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be wowed by The Glisteners' incredible creations!



Be amazed by the incredible @dahliacreates and her jaw-dropping look! She's used Wet Liners Cashflow, Cookie dough, Mermaid, and our fabulous green spectra lash to add that extra oomph!



@elitufino is about to take you on a journey through the mesmerising world of blues! With the help of our extraordinary Slushie Wet Liner, they've unleashed their inner artist and crafted a masterpiece that will leave you breathless.



Prepare to have your makeup dreams come true, because @simplyemmatation has whipped up a delectable donut-inspired look! Using our magical Wet Liners, they've sprinkled a dash of enchantment in the shades of Wink, Leaf, and Petal



The sheer artistry of @reen173 and their jaw-dropping watercolor-inspired look is like a masterpiece come to life! With the help of our magical Wet Liners in shades like The Royals, Banoffee, Carrot Cake, Raspberry Punch, and Olive Tree, they've transformed themselves into a walking work of art.



@emmafordxo has taken our Wet Liner in Grape, Strawberry, Blueberry, and Milk and transformed them into a mesmerising flower wing that will make your heart bloom with joy!



In spirit of the season, @dymaeshia has created an autumn-inspired leaf look! With a touch of seasonal magic and a dash of creativity, she's used our marvellous Wet Liners in Cola, Cherry pie, and Milk, along with our fabulous Split Liners in Roses, Red Velvet, and Carrot Cake



@briannadoesmakeup is about to blow your mind with a look that's as fabulous as her hair! With a stroke of genius, and our vibrant Wet Liners in Fuchsia and Milk, they have created a masterpiece that's a perfect match for their luscious locks.



Prepare to have your mind blown because @anna_gaudenzicocchi_, with the help of our extraordinary Wet Liners in Solar, Blue Moon, and Traffic Cone,  has conjured up a jaw-dropping, detailed look that will leave you in awe, with intricate designs and vibrant colours!



@s_meenatt is about to take you on a colourful adventure with our fabulous Wet Liners Peppa and Orangeade! With a stroke of genius and a touch of magic, @s_meenatt has created a look that is nothing short of gorgeous!



@beauty_bypip has used Blooming Blushes in the delightful shades of Peony and Orange You Glad!, adding a pop of cheeky colour! But wait, there's more! To top off this fabulous look, they've added a dash of sweetness with our Split Liner Strawberry Cheesecake!


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By Anya Parry Valeron


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