Welcome to the latest edition of our colour comparison blogs! Today, we're delving into the realm of pinks. Prepare to embark on a journey and discover which pink hue speaks to you! This guide will help you pinpoint the perfect pink shade. Let's jump right in!


Cotton Candy

Say hello to Cotton Candy – our enchanting deep pink split liner that's as sweet as it sounds! This delightful shade is a blend of Fuchsia and its very own deep pink. Check out the magic happening with Cotton Candy as @lynda.florae creates a love heart look that's absolutely adorable!





Get ready to add a splash of fun to your look with our Strawberry Wet Liner! This gorgeous pastel pink isn't just vibrant in daylight, it also glows under UV light! How cool is that? Check out the creation by @lexireinemua as they add a squiggly twist using Wet Liner Strawberry alongside Grapeade and Blueberry!



Get ready to turn up the fun with Cherryade – our electrifying neon pink UV liner! It's the ultimate pop of colour that screams party vibes! Check out the mesmerising glow created by @diamondsofalcatraz as they light up the night with Cherryade under UV rays!


Strawberry Cheesecake

Here we have the dazzling Strawberry Cheesecake – our fab UV pink split liner! This liner is the lovechild of Strawberry and Cherryade! Watch @graphea.e work their magic with Strawberry Cheesecake, accompanied by Red Rose Spectra Lash, Shape Shifter (in the shade divine), Rose Pink Spectra Paint, and a sprinkle of Candy Chroma Flakes!



Meet Flamingo, our sassy Matte hot pink shade! This hue screams fun all year round – just look at @faerie.skye rocking it alongside Liners, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Bananas!



Raspberry, a luscious dark pink that's bursting with rich, vibrant vibes! Watch @simnartistry work their magic with Raspberry to craft this abstract masterpiece and let their creativity run wild with this berrylicious shade!


Poison Berry

Introducing Poison Berry, our metallic pink shade that's as sweet as it is bold! This pearly delight is a gorgeously rich dark pink that'll make heads turn! Just take a look  at @caitlinnmakeup_ rocking Poison Berry alongside our Shape Shifter Highlighter Palette – pure magic!


Raspberry Punch

Get ready for a fruity blast with Raspberry Punch – our fab matte pink Split Liner!  This liner is a combination of Flamingo and Raspberry! Don't miss @eliseelixir_mua showcasing these two shades side by side!



Get ready to blush with excitement because Blushing is here to steal the show! This metallic hot pink shade is the epitome of perfection in pink! Watch @shanimushington work their magic with Blushing, alongside Copper, Apple, and Red Velvet!



Step into the cosmic playground with Cosmo – our duochrome pink shade! This liner is a literal dream come true, shimmering with otherworldly charm! Watch @watermelonflesh sprinkle some magic with Cosmo in this look, paired perfectly with Candy Chroma Flakes for an extra sweet touch!



Introducing Peppa – the cutest dusty pink UV split liner in town! Watch @powderblush work their magic, blending the two shades of Peppa together to create a look that's as fabulous as it is fun!



Get ready to be spellbound by Divine – our enchanting duochrome pink-white shade! This iridescent beauty is pure magic and oh-so-beautiful! Don't miss @lynda.florae weaving their makeup magic, using Divine to craft a delicate cobweb - genius!



Get ready to turn up the heat with Fuchsia – our latest hot pink UV pink sensation! Watch @makupstef work their magic with Fuchsia, Grapeade, Grape, Bananas, Montserrat, Cashflow, Teapot, Carrot Cake, and Peppa, to whip up this fabulous floral Skellington masterpiece!



Get ready to be swept off your feet by Sweetie – our delightful duochrome pink with a magical pink-to-green shift!  This shade is pure enchantment! Check out @raincornelius as they work their makeup wizardry, using Sweetie alongside Bloody Mary to craft this stunning winged liner look! 


And lastly, let's give it up for Petal! Petal is our prettiest pink, perfect for adding just the right amount of subtle colour pop! Check out @meyloetta as she works her magic with Petal for her winged liner look! 


We hope you've found inspiration and joy in exploring the pretty pink shades, and creative looks featured.

Remember, makeup is not just about enhancing beauty, but also about expressing your unique personality and creativity!


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  By Anya Parry Valeron

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