Top 10 Chroma Flake Looks 2022


Following the release of seven new Chroma Flakes, we countdown some of the best looks to come out so far using our range of mess-free, glitter gels! We are fully in Act I of our euphoria renaissance and this Top 10 does not disappoint. Long may glitter continue to reign supreme!  



#10 Here we have the ever impressive Aiofe Cullen using our Chroma Pencils and OG line of Chroma Flakes in Ice, Sea and Snow.  We were excited to see how @aoifeartist used our flakes when they first came out in May, and by dabbing some on her lips at the end she took us all to school.




#9 @sandras.daughter takes our breath away with this clean, editorial look. She takes one of our original flakes in Snow to match our Chroma Pencils for this duochrome makeup. Nothing beats a simple liner with a splash of glitter!




#8 We love, love, love this soft and sultry look from @indiarose_makeup using our brand new Chroma Flakes in Candy, Fairy and Nebula. The formula for these products is so easy to blend and the colours India chose compliment each other so well. Dreamy!




#7 @poppyellah takes us straight back to a 70’s disco with this gorgeous eye makeup! She forgot her tools, so just slathered our blue glitter gel, Ice all over a black base with her fingers, then dabbed Snow on top for that pink iridescent shift. Simply iconic! 




#6 This fierce eye by @cutcreaser needs some serious applause! The application, the precision, the GLITTER! Using Ice and Snow, Vanessa creates this unique and  sexy, diva look perfect for the big stage or for a night out! 




#5 Next up we have this elegant, ethereal look using our Chroma Flakes in Sea, Snow and Ice. All of Chloe's looks are so sparkly, and this one is just magical. Our flakes are easy to get off with warm water, but @chloeisabellah_ gives her hot tip for getting glitter off here




#4 She’s back, back, back again, only just missing out on the Top 3 with this awesome, astral look using more of our stunning new Chroma Flakes! @indiarose_makeup uses the outrageous Milky Way and Nebula here and the colour pay off is out of this world.




#3 We have another double feature this week as @aoifeartist takes the third spot pulling off some 90’s Raver Inspired Looks. Using almost all of our new Chroma Flake range we see Aoife use Milky Way, Candy, Gold Rush and Fairy, this life- of- the- party look really caught our attention. You don't even need to ask bbz, we definitely want to party with you!





#2 When we saw this makeup by we were taken aback by just how gorgeous our Chroma Flakes could look! Applied directly to the skin, we watch Nush create this sparkly iridescent look on the fly starting off with new colours Galactica and Fairy. Getting lost in the moment she adds other newbies, Milky Way and Gold Rush for depth. Um, can you do our makeup please?




#1 This was never the intention for our Chroma Flakes, but isn’t life about thinking out of the box? Breaking barriers and throwing rules out of the window? That’s exactly what @beautibean did when they covered their lips in a black matte lipstick and slathered our Chroma Flake, Galactica on top and it is everything! We love the innovation and our creamy formula and fine glitter means why not pop some on your lip? We bow down to you! 






That number one spot still gives us quivers. We will definitely be trying some of these looks at home, which one was your favourite? You can find all seven of our new shades and our other Chroma Flakes in our Chroma Collection.

Don’t forget to comment your thoughts about our Top 10 below and follow us on Instagram and TikTok for more content and updates on new products regularly! 



By Erin O'Neill

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