Here at Glisten HQ we begin every morning by grabbing our extra strong coffee en route to the altar of Doja, where we drop to our knees and begin chanting her name until a portal opens directly to Planet Her.  Femme-bots communicate telepathically what our duties are for the day and if we are lucky, you’ll hear the Empress herself utter some words of inspiration, like “Bitch, I’m a cow…MOO!”. 

This is how we draw a lot of our creative innovation at Glisten and we are still amazed that Doja Cat was inspired by our makeup to create all of these incredible looks. Let’s bow down and take a look back at some of her most iconic Glisten Cosmetic serves…


#10 There’s nothing more touching than watching someone you admire use your products and they not only love them, but enjoy themselves in the process. Knowing Doja is playing with our water activated liners on the regs is the best and she kills it using Blueberry in this look!




#9 We love how imaginative she gets with her graphic liner, totally unabashed and in your face. Doja Cat can work striking colour combos and is feeling herself so much in our wet liner, Bubblegum, she says ‘bye’ to her makeup artist Ernesto after this at home look!




#8 This look is super sentimental for us. We watched Doja Cat on Instagram live create this makeup tutorial first hand with our classic liner, Jasper and literally died. It’s been a diehard love affair ever since. How could it get any better than this?!




#7 We are still obsessed with this look inspired by @aaronsmakeup that Doja recreated using one of our Split Liners, Coke Float. She looks like a beautiful, sad clown and we want to lick up the tears. 



#6 Serving covid chic in this dazzling, lavender look using our wet liners in Grapevine, Blue Moon and Peach! We love how Doja can switch up her look so drastically and pull it off every time. We adore this colourful style on her and as always the colour way is on point.



#5 We couldn’t believe it when we saw our products in the Get Into It (Yuh) music video, not once but twice! Doja’s incredible makeup artist let us know Doja did this look all by herself with our liner in Cola for the shoot and we were gagged. She can turn the editorial looks so effortlessly and with no help!



#4 Obviously we HAD to feature Doja’s second look from the music video for Get Into It (Yuh)! This pink and white Space Captain is fighting for her pussy…cat and we fell in love with this warrior look using our liner in Milk the second we saw it. 




#3 Who can forget this amazing fancy dress outfit that Doja did for her birthday in 2021? Her as Princess Kida was an iconic throwback and seeing her using our wet liner in Blue Heaven as the war paint was the icing on the cake for this heavenly outfit.




#2 This was tough because we want to put all these looks in the top spot, but taking second place is Doja Cat on the cover of Billboard (April 2021). A whole feature about our Queen, whilst wearing our makeup was so unreal and so humbling. Plus look at how stunning she is in our best selling Strawberry and Peach liners, two of our first ever wet liners!



#1 We flipped when we saw that we’d been featured in another one of Doja’s music videos for her newest album, Planet Her. To know it was for her song, Woman, the song we have all been dancing to in the stock room was another thing! She is H-O-T, HOT in Seltzer for this wild look and we can’t stop her and Teyana Taylor from stomping all over this momentous, top spot.



Looking back at these looks has been the cherry on top of what has been a journey with seeing how Doja has used our products over the last couple of years. A walk through Glistory if you will! And to think Glisten Cosmetics is just a little indie brand from the UK.

We hope you have enjoyed taking a look back at some of these looks with us, you can check them all out here and get your hands on all of the featured products and more at our shop

Do-ja, Do-ja, Do-ja…



By Erin O’Neill


i worship at the altar of doja and finding out i use the same brand as the queen…. FANTASTIC

aubrey on August 6, 2022


wolffenhaus on August 3, 2022

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