Top 10 Pastel Looks 2022


Some of our first Wet Liners liners at Glisten Cosmetics were pastels, and they continue to be a staple in all make up kits across the globe. Our collection of pastel shades continues to grow and you all continue to turn the looks, so we created a countdown of our favourite serves from 2022 using our bestie- pastels! Let’s get right down to business shall we?



#10 We can always rely on @poppyellah to bring the fantasy to life with her artistic, free flow brush work. She uses the perfect shades like Grape and Strawberry from our Pastel Bundle to paint her entire face with magical stars and clouds to create this satisfying look. Check out how to recreate this look here!




#9  We love seeing what Haalen will turn out next and you’ve probably seen her grace our stories on the daily, but finally she hits our Top 10 with this impressive pastel look. If anyone knows bold it’s Haalen and you need to seriously check out her Instagram @siccmakeup for impeccable colour combos and unique looks.




#8 Using our very own Liner Brush 1 and all the colours of our Pastel Bundle, @loismaya comes through with this incredible precision, pastel rainbow liner.  The little addition of the stars in Milk are everything and we can’t really say anything more about this look other than perfection. You can watch her tutorial for this detailed liner here.






#6 & #7 Take note! @raincornelius takes us all to school and shows us all how pastels can be used to create different looks. She features twice in a row not only for her incredible application using Liner Brush 2, but also the fact her looks are just so wearable.

In 7th, this candy rainbow, double liner is so delicious looking you can almost taste the Bubblegum!



Then 6th place takes a different approach, creating this gorgeous ombré with Vanilla, Peach and Milk then in to our vibrant Fuchsia. Stunning!





#5 @afroglory gets creative with our Fairy Freak collab showing us that pastels aren't just for muted, precision liner. We love the addition of embellishments to Shahira's look and think her glitter lip is next level! More Fairy Freak palettes are due out later this year, in the mean time check out Shahira's fierce tutorial here!





#4 Next up we have @aoife with this epic statement makeup, showing us another way to elevate your pastel look. Honestly, just throwing some colour down and having fun is the best part about creating. She uses our Pastel Bundle, Cosmo, Collins, and Rasperry in this look and you can watch the full tutorial here.





#3 @xsonika comes through with this incredible tutorial using the Fairy Freak palette which is made up of new and classic Glisten shades. Sonika creates this bold, abstract shape which is such an innovative way to spice up those pastels!  We are obsessed with this style on her and it's both so powerful and sultry.





#2 This look stands out as being the ultimate dream we all fantasize about when getting a Glisten Cosmetics delivery. @callmechim gives us the daydreamy colour combination of our Circle Split in Pastel and body tingling precision with our Liner Brush 5 and it is just trés magnifique! It's giving My Little Pony realness and we can't enough. We never can with Chim! To watch this effortless tutorial click here






#1 @_ohey featured in our Top 10 Pride Looks of 2022, and Emy is back with this stunning, statement pastel look. Their famed circles are spellbinding and their colour selection of Mint, Blueberry, Plum, Dusty and Milk creates this cooler colour palette that just makes everything pop. You have to give them a follow! Rightly so, this makeup look takes the top spot for originality and pure style!






Our Glisteners stan pastels and this Top 10 are just the cherry on top of a never ending pastel pie that we are just loving to eat up. Who would be your number one? Comment your thoughts below! 

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By Erin O'Neill




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