We take a look at some of the best and most creative wet liner looks to come out of Pride 2022. 



#10 Alexa (@alexajdmakeup) always brings a smile to our face, and glamour to our lives. That's why she's kicking off our Top 10 with this gorgeous rainbow graphic liner. What can we say other than flawless. 

#9 Yes, we know what we said. But we love a call back and how could we not bring up this iconic look by goddess Shaqori (@qorifaces) in 2021?! We need a moment…

#8  Wendy (@wendysworld_xox) develops multiple looks to celebrate Pride using household items to create unique textures and designs. We love this pansexual flag look! She is such an imaginative artist and we love seeing what goes on in Wendy's world. 


#7 @fairyfreak gives us so much eye-liner candy it’s unreal. Using our Pride Liner, Ria gives us this quintessential rainbow heart look- and don’t even get us started on that rainbow lash!


#6 @BemusebyBetty shows us her authentic self and what pride means to her in this elegant makeup, using Glisten's Pride Liner to mix these gorgeous shades. We are obsessed with the simplicity and ornateness of this look. 


#5 Okay, Okay, we might've seen them on our list already, but we stan a bit of Fairy Freak. Plus, we love how clean and detailed their rainbow looks are! And in a Pride Top 10, you can never have too many rainbows.


#4 Everything about this look is perfection. The end. Kait (@beautibean) is a Latinx creator from NYC who radiates in this stunning rainbow look. They’ll be creating another Pride look for us soon which we cannot WAIT for, so be sure to keep an eye out for them on our Instagram here.




#3 Myla ( @pradolic ) effortlessly creates this trans, tribal warrior look showing their pride and their beauty with every stroke. We can never get enough of Myla's ethereal looks at Glisten, and this didn't disappoint. They had to be Top 3!

#2 Emy ( @_ohey ) is a loyal customer from Melbourne, Australia and turns killer looks every day with their artistry. Here they are showing their talent with this mind blowing non-binary look. We can't even!



 #1 Christopher ( @christopher_grave) has to hit the number 1 spot with this intricate, tribal look using all 11 colours of our Pride Liner. Another incredible MUA and creator he is an unbelievable talent, and  we are so proud to have Chris join our Top 10 Pride Looks for 2022.  



At Glisten we sell our Pride Liner all year round, with 100% of the profits going to LGBTQIA+ charities. This year we have raised over £18,000 for Stonewall UK and will be announcing our next dedicated charity soon on all social media. You can get your Pride Liner now along with all our other products at www.glistencosmetics.com and get involved!


Tag us in all your looks this summer @glistencosmetics!


by Erin O'Neill

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