We’re sorry, but black mascara is out. As kids growing up in the 90’s and 00’s we saw the coloured liner and mascara craze come and go and like most, thought the fun was over. However, this resurgence of colourful ‘scara headed up by the best colourful makeup brand out there- us - is just what is needed to heal the inner child in all of us! 

This isn’t some half-arsed nostalgic reboot, oh no. This is the high-contrast, technicolour, ultra-HD TV of the future we wanted the first time around!  A new generation of coloured mascaras that are guaranteed to take you and your makeup far beyond anything you’ve dreamt of before, and this Top 10 Spectra Lash Looks You Have to Try is just the tip of what promises to be a very exciting and delicious iceberg for 2023’s beauty game. 


We were waiting patiently for someone to do the anti-mascara trend (ib @divinamuse) with our Spectra Lash and @loisxmaya didn’t let us down using every colour we have!


We are obsessed with using two-tone mascara. @indiarose_makeup  uses Montserrat, Turquoise, Milk, Teal Spectra Lash and our Shape Shifter Palette to create this flawless eye makeup. 


@aoifeartist shows us how to wear the White Spectra Lash in this editorial Club Kid look. This mascara is so versatile, ideal for building up your other lash colours or perfect as a faux tinted brow. 


Monochromatic makeup is one of our favourite trends and @graphea.e sent chills all over our bodies with this spine-tingling look using our Spectra Lash and Blue Heaven.


We can barely look @wendysworld_xox in the eye she’s too beautiful! The way this Yellow Spectra Lash combines with this pink Wet Liner is exquisite. 


@maytahmi is serving supermodel in this glamorous duochrome look using our Wet Liner in Blue Heaven and Teal Spectra Lash to take it to the next level. 


Can we take a second for this fiery makeup by fashionista @fairy.freak using our Orange Red Spectra Lash. Muy caliente! 


@glamsden uses the Teal and Yellow Spectra Lash to create this stunning two-tone makeup. Team this mascara combo with our Wet Liners in Beach or Seaside for that extra pop-art feel. 


@alexajdmakeup serves us this stunning rainbow look with our new Chroma Flik's and using three Spectra Lash mascaras in shades Purple, Rose Red and Orange Red


@garancemurru couldn’t be more on trend in this one look- metallic lid, tinted brows, hot pink blush and Teal coloured mascara to contrast. This is how you do it kids. 

What are you waiting for? Get your hands on your very own Spectra Lash now at our shop. Each mascara is available for £9.50 or as a full bundle for £68!

Which looks will you be recreating at home? Tag us online @glisten_cosmetics on Instagram and @glistencosmetics on TikTok. Plus, don’t forget to comment and subscribe below. 

By Erin O’Neill

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