As the summer season bids farewell, we're excited to present our top 10 favorite summer looks! Get ready to be inspired and create something absolutely fabulous before the sun sets on summer! Let's dive in and make the most of this season!


Our first summer look that's as easy as it is creative! This polka dot look was created by the wonderful @rozeblush_,  we love the way she has used Sapphire to create this bold summer look!  

Take a look at this; created by the talented @micazanele using the vibrant Lemonade Wet Liner! This little gem is here to inject a burst of UV colour into your summer adventures, whether you're hitting the beach, attending a music festival, or simply enjoying a sunny day out, this liner will be your ultimate companion!

 This amazing firefly-inspired look that's as creative as it gets! We can't help but gush over how the colours dance so effortlessly together! The talented @muse_offeb crafted this mesmerising look using our Wet Liners in Menthe, Milk, Platinum, Golden, and Breezer

This summer look created by @louisesophieheney is stunning! She has used our Split Liners Peach Melba, Strawberry Cheesecake, Split Peas, and Slushie to make a tropical flower look! Ultimate summer vibes!

@daniellealeesa has created a summer pastel look with hearts and stars that is adorable! She has used our Wet Liners Plum, Seafoam, Vanilla, and Fruit Salad! They even match her earrings! 

This simple yet absolutely fabulous look was created by the talented @itsxaqsa using our Wet Liner in Key Lime! This zesty lime green shade is the ultimate summer must-have, guaranteed to make your eyes pop!



The fab @dontzoomtoomuch has nailed it with this combination of summer sunset colours! Our Split Liner in Cotton Candy and the spectra lash shades of Rose Red and White are the secret ingredients behind this masterpiece.


@dymaeshia has absolutely nailed this incredible look inspired by spongebob! The Liners used are none other than Banana Split, Peppa, Turtles, and Blue Sky. This look is perfect for a summer in Bikini Bottom! 


Using our Split Liner Blue Heaven, @fullglamdaydream has created an amazing summer look with the perfect summer colours!  This shade is a must have for your makeup collection! We love how she has incorporated the rhinestones! 

This look is truly fab! This pink tartan picnic blanket look was flawlessly executed by @simplyemmatation! Our Wet Liners Flamingo and Milk were used to create this look! 


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 By Anya Parry Valeron




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