Continuing on with our IWD inspired month, we bring you 6 inspiring influencers to empower your Instagram feeds. It’s time to ditch the people you’ve had on mute for two years and control what you consume!



British campaigner, activist and author famous for making upskirting illegal, Gina Martin continues to campaign for gender equality and structural change by creating the Voyeurism Act and more!



Matt Bernstein instigates social change with his unabashed infographics calling out hypocrisy, injustices, and homophobia in society, media, and of course, politics. 




‘Feminist-in-progress’ has always been unafraid to speak her mind on the current issues facing us today. She’s also the ringleader of @i_weigh, advocating for radical inclusivity and amplifying diverse voices so that no one ever feels alone.​​



Voted as Cosmo’s Woman of the Year in 2021, Sophie Butler offers a judgement-free space, using her platform to educate, empower and raise awareness about self-love and disability awareness.



The Contributing Editor at British Vogue, model, and Trans activist, Munroe Bergdorf highlights the systemic issues within our government that are targeting trans-rights incessantly as a distraction.



If you are just feeling a bit overwhelmed by the weight of the world and want to opt-out for a wee while, The Happy Broadcast is the place for you. Fill your feed with good news from across the globe!

It’s important to take a break from socials and it’s even more important to remind yourself that there is good in the world- and a lot of it! Don’t let the bastards get you down.

Who would be on your list? Share your recommendations in the comments below!

Lots of love, Glisten xx

By Erin O'Neill

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