Welcome to our top Chroma Flake looks blog where we'll be showcasing the most fabulous Chroma Flake looks and giving you tips on how to rock them in your everyday style! Get ready to add some sparkle and shine to your life with these dazzling looks. 

Our first Chroma Flake look is by the wonderful @meyloetta! She has used our Wet Liner in the shade Antique combined with Ice Chroma Flakes which add the perfect touch of sparkle into this amazing blue look!

Get ready to unleash your inner Barbie because we've got something fabulous to share with you. The talented @choleisabellah_ took our amazing Fairy Chroma Flakes and Alexa Jennah Bubblegum Mascara and created a jaw-dropping, pink sparkly look that will make heads turn! 

 Add a touch of magic to your makeup with this snow-tastic look! The talented @bbaldhi worked their wonders using our Snow Chroma Flakes to create a look that's subtle yet oh-so-effective! 

We are absolutely head over heels for this look created by the talented @watermelonflesh using our fabulous Gold Rush Chroma Flakes. And let us tell you, these flakes are true gold, baby!

The talented @makeup.cassidy sprinkled our delightful Candy and Nebula Chroma Flakes to top off this look and boy, did it turn out amazing! By combining these two Flakes, they've truly taken this look to the next level of fabulousness!


Get ready to take your makeup game to another dimension because we've got something amazing to share with you. The talented @hollifer used Milkyway, Gold Rush, and Galactica Chroma Flakes to create an oil slick look! We can't help but swoon over how these colours blend together and create stunning shifts that are simply magical!

@wendysworld_xox worked their magic and created a look that's simple, yet oh-so-fabulous using our incredible Ice Chroma Flakes! Trust us, this is the secret ingredient to add that extra sparkle to your makeup game.


The fabulous @roni4444ka created this look using Nebula Chroma Flakes on her eyelashes! We think this is such a creative way to use these and gives your look an extra dash of sparkle!

@dahliacreates used our Cola Wet Liner and Fairy Chroma Flakes to create this stunning look! we can't help but adore how the Chroma Flakes perfectly piece this look together!


Get ready to unleash your inner sparkle because we've got something absolutely fabulous! @aofieartist used our Chroma Flakes in Fairy, Galactica, Candy, Milkyway, and Gold Rush to create a simple yet jaw-droppingly fabulous look!

  We hope this inspires you to create some fabulous looks! Remember to tag us in your looks over on Instagram and TikTok!  Subscribe below for even more Glisten content and to be in the know about product updates and exciting new releases!


 By Anya Parry Valeron

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