Top Makeup Trends for 2023


Bbz, haven’t you heard? This year is all about graphic liner! We’ve been heading up the movement for the last six years already, but 2023 is our time to really shine, baby. Abstract eyeliner, vivid duochromes and pigments that pack a punch, we bring you the hottest trends of 2023 and how you can achieve them all with Glisten Cosmetics.


Ooh! Shiny!


Let the Euphoria Age continue. 2023 will see duochromes, iridescence and metallica reign supreme. With our rainbow Shape Shifter Highlight Palette, a Chroma Collection like no other and pigments like liquid metal you simply can’t miss out on this craze.





Painted Brows


Sometimes trends come back around and drawing on your brows is one we are here for! Times have changed and gone are the days of just one eyebrow pencil colour, now we have an entire rainbow to choose from! With Doja as the trend setter and people like @jada.desiree showing us how it's done, it's a firm fave for us.



Hot Blush


Blush, blush, BLUSH! You thought you were doing too much? You’re not. We need more this year. And it’s all about those hot pinks- we want you looking flush. Our Wet Liners are mutl-use and can be applied on the cheeks and temples as blush, or contour, and with over 150 colours to pick from, we have pink covered. @aoifeartist demonstrates just how easy it is in these killer Y2K inspired looks using Cherryade and Rust!





Abstract Liner


2023 is about pushing the boundaries, standing up for what you believe and not giving a f*** about what people think. Abstract Eyeliner is about spontaneity, which works perfectly with our versatile products. Throw out the rule book and let the creativity flow. Check out these inspiring avonte garde looks by @wendysworld_xox and @indiarose_makeup, who adjusts her Wet Liner in Lobster look on the spot.




Fan Brush Club


Our collaboration with Wendy’s World sparked a whole new trend amongst Beauty Creators when they saw the W1 Fan Brush. Using its special design to create unique shapes with our Wet Liners, megastar MUA @meicrosoft and our girl @fairy.freak show us how to pull off our top trend for 2023. Taking graphic liner to the next level, with stunning results!



We couldn’t be more excited to see what looks 2023 conjures up. The Glisten community is a creative bunch and that continues to inspire us every day! What’s your top trend for 2023? Have we missed any? Comment below and let us know! You can keep up with our regular makeup content over on Instagram and TikTok, and subscribe below to gain access to promotions and product updates.


By Erin O'Neill





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