Ahead of one of our most exciting release's this year, we want to bring a closer look at the gorgeous earrings created for our upcoming collab from our huns at Kikay. So tell us, which froggy are you?




- space cadet 

- no one really know what he thinking

- happy in his own world

- don’t moisturize his elbows   












- loves to play pranks on people

- funny honey of mine

- always offers you tea

- happy to be here











- homies, lovers, friends.

- always asks for the AUX

- never makes the bed

- says they like black coffee, but don't 









 - loves picnic dates

 - has fantastic style

 - everybody likes her

 - obsessed with candles 













- they don’t follow rules, no rules for me

- loves cosplay

- looks good in hats

- friends with everyone 











Taro Boba 

- cute but don’t mess

- likes tea 

- likes books 

- LOUD music to rage to












- prickly but loves hugs

- wilderness specialist

- avid record collector

- dislikes hugs 










- cutie with a booty

- fuzzy face

- really good at dancing

- has lactose intolerance


They truly are too adorable and we want them ALL! Which froggy are you? Tag us on Instagram ahead of the Froggy Palette release next week on 7th October and let us know. Don't frog-et to set your alarms for 8pm GMT 7th October, as these cuties are going to be selling out FAST! Hop to it!





By Erin O'Neill

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