Get ready to dive into a treasure trove of incredible bargains this Black Friday! We're about to unveil the most fantastic deals you won't be able to resist! Get your shopping carts ready, because it's going to be an epic ride!

Palette Builder

Normally, our fabulous Palette Builder comes at a price of 4 pans for £30, 6 pans for £40, 9 pans for £55, a 15 pan for £80, and the biggest of them all, the 36 pan for £150. But wait, with our Black Friday deals, you can snag a 4 pan for a mere £19.50, a 6 pan for a crazy £26, a 9 pan for just £35.75, the 15 pan for a sweet £52, and the 36 pan for an incredible £97.50! Hurry, these deals won't last forever! And if you're signed up to our VIP list, you can get the palette builder 40% off! 

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Wet Liners

Dive into the puddle of savings with our Wet Liners (excluding UV IT)! Normally, they splash in at a cool £7, but behold the Black Friday magic – now you can snag them for £3.50 with our 50% off all single liners! Don't miss out on the chance!

Chroma Flakes

Add a pop of colour and shimmer to your life with our dazzling Chroma Flakes! These little wonders usually sparkle at £16, but guess what? Black Friday's here to sprinkle some magic – now they're yours for just £10.40! Oh, and that's not all, If you decide to double the fun and grab two, we'll throw in a free Glisten Pin Badge when your order totals over £15! Don't miss out on the chance to shine bright and collect some glittery goodies along the way!

Shape Shifter and Shape Shifter Mini

 Get ready to add some sparkle and pizzazz to your makeup game with our fabulous highlighters! Normally, a Mini Shape Shifter struts in at £15, while the regular Shape Shifter palette rocks the stage at £32. But here's where the Black Friday fun begins – the Mini Shape Shifter is now a magical £9.75, and the regular Shape Shifter palette? It's only £20.80Don't let these enchanting deals slip through your fingertips!

Chroma Fliks

Dazzle and shine with our fabulous Chroma Fliks! These babies are here to take your makeup game to a whole new level! And guess what? With our Black Friday deals, you can snag one for just £7.80, instead of the usual £12! So, why wait? Grab one (or two, or three!) 

Spectra Paints

Add a splash of colour to your world with our super-duper Spectra Paints! Normally, they're priced at £9, but... on Black Friday, you can scoop up these bad boys for just £5.85! That's right, it's a rainbow of savings! Don't miss out on this fantastic deal! And guess what, if you spend over £35, we'll throw in a free exclusive gift!

Spectra Lash

Flutter those lashes and make your eyes pop with our Spectra Lash! These lash-tastic wonders are usually priced at £9.50, but hold onto your mascara wand, because with Black Friday, you can bat those lashes for just £6.18! Don't miss out on this amazing deal!

Blooming Blush

Time to add a rosy touch to your cheeks with our Blooming Blushes! These beauties are regularly priced at £12, but guess what? Thanks to our Black Friday magic, you can get them for an incredible £7.80! It's like catching a bouquet of savings!  Don't wait around – nows your chance to get your Blooming Blushes!

Glis Gloss

Pucker up, because our Glis Glosses are here to make your lips pop! Normally, these glosses are like a sweet treat at £12, but with our super-duper deals, you can have them for just £7.80! Don't miss out – grab your Glis Glosses and let your lips shine!

Lip Tint

Add a burst of fruity fun to your lips with our fabulous Juicy Tints! These little pots of joy usually dance at £8.50, but here comes the lip-smacking news – with our Black Friday deals, you can get one for just £5.53! Don't miss your chance – grab a Juicy Tint!


Ready to brush up your makeup? Our Liner Brushes are your secret weapon! Normally, these handy beauties are priced at £6.50, but guess what? With Black Friday, you can score one for just £4.23! Don't miss out – grab a brush and let your inner artist shine!


Glow like never before with our UV IT! It's your time to shine like a neon superstar! Ordinarily, this radiant wonder is priced at £8.50, but with these amazing deals, you can grab one for just £5.53! Don't miss out on this UV-tastic deal – get your UV IT now! 


And that's a wrap on the most fabulous Black Friday deals you won't want to miss out on! Hop on the shopping sleigh and snatch up these amazing goodies while they're sizzling hot! Happy shopping!


By Anya Parry Valeron

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