This months ‘how to’ is all about painting your brows. Named as one of our Top Makeup Trends for 2023, this craze is taking over the internet and the globe. We show you how to achieve the look whether you’re going for the Gwen Stefani 90’s pencil brow, a laminated lover or going all out alien superstar. It’s brows, bitch. 


When it comes to applying our Wet Liners, it’s as easy as 1,2,3. No, seriously! Dip, swirl and apply. 

First step is to select your Wet Liner. We have over 150 colours to choose from so the opportunities for spectacular eyebrows are endless; you can even achieve the look of real hair using varying shades of the same colour for dimension! 

You will need to activate your Wet Liners with water by dipping your chosen brush and swirling it into the pigment. We recommend using one of our Detailed Liner Brush Set for this particular application.  

Mix it round until it is a creamy consistency- like melted ice cream is best! Then start to apply the product as desired, either in gentle flicks or swooping lines, whatever feels right!

The amazing @jade.desiree uses one of our Custom Built Palettes here to match her hair to her brows.



Our products work amazingly for anyone who wants to rock a temporary bleached brow or for those who want to top up their roots! You can simply use a spooly and add any pigment to add a pop of any colour to your look just like @garancemurru does with their makeup! You have to check out these stunning looks and tutorials by them and @namglam below- we couldn’t get enough!


@garancemurru Répondre à @godslonelycoolguy using @glistencosmetics wet liners #makeup #NatureBoxChallenge #UNOFFICIALCHECK #foryou ♬ Poison - Bell Biv DeVoe
@garancemurru frosty eyebrows #fypシ #makeup ♬ Big Boys - cshsznxo!



Just do Planet You, boo! 


It can take a couple of times to get used to drawing your brows for the first time and as always they are sisters, not twins! Practice makes perfect and our versatile products are the ideal tools for sickening brow work. The limit does not exist!

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By Erin O’Neill

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