We are well into the new year now and it’s about time we caught up with another one of our amazing team members with our series, The Staff Room. Giving readers an insight into all the BTS of the products you love and the hardworking people behind them. We caught up with hairdresser turned Glisten Superstar, Kumala to find out more about what she gets up to on the daily.


Name: Kumala 

Job Title: Office Assistant

Years at Glisten: Just under a year!


Erin: Describe yourself in 3 words…

Kumala: I would say…empathetic, giggly and laidback.

E: How did you start working for Glisten Cosmetics?

K: I saw an advert online and applied! I won’t name the website, but I love it because it got me this opportunity. I had a few interviews, was successful and joined the team.

E: Run us through a typical day at Glisten HQ for you?

K: Most mornings I come in and greet everyone- then if it's busy with orders I'll help get orders together, then I’m also looking at stock and inventory, making sure we have all of the products in- I’m stock controller so managing that is a part of my job. I spend a lot of time organising things in the unit and I also get to do swatches and content creation- that’s my arm you see online a lot of the time!

E: How do you take your coffee?

K: I don’t really drink coffee, I have a mixture of herbal teas. My favourite ones are strawberry, Aloe Vera and green tea! That is my go-to.

E: And what’s your favourite thing about working for Glisten Cosmetics?

K: One of my favourite things is coming into an industry like this, it’s so interesting. I love learning new things all the time and things are always changing, it’s so exciting! I love all of the pops of colour, the people I work with and being a part of the genetics of it all. I feel more complete than I did since working here; I’m a part of the furniture now.

E: What do you get up-to when you’re not at the office, Kumala?

K: Well, I am a Mother- he’s grown up now, almost 16- so in my spare time basically I’m either running after him, making sure he eats well. I love to cook! Or I like to go to the gym and I love to socialise with my family and friends- they’re a big part of my life. I like the odd drink, bit of prosecco, a nice cocktail. I haven’t been away in a long time, but I’m a water baby so give me the sun and sea on a Caribbean beach any day. 

E: Do you have any secret talents we should know about?

K: I’m actually quite good at Drawing and I'm very artistic. I just don’t get a lot of time and I'm out of practice!

E: What’s your favourite Glisten product?

K: I’d say one of my favourite products in particular are the Chroma Flakes - anything pretty in pink and gold are my fave, so Gold Rush, love Fairy and Wet Liner wise, Jewel and Sweetie.

E: And what’s a Glisten product you think that people are sleeping on?

K: See, I’m like Georgie, I think people are sleeping on the Shimmer Bundle! They’re so rich in colour! And the UV 2 and Deep bundles- they’re a bit older so I think people forget they exist.

E: We ask this to all of our most important interviewees, yourself included- What is your go-to pizza topping of choice?

K: For me, it would Something spicy, say for instance if it was Dominoes it would be a Tandoori Hot because of the jalapenos. It’s so tasty. Anything on fire and a bit tasty. 

Kumala knows her stuff about pizza, Glisten and relaxation. Can we add ‘Caribbean Beaches’ to our list of hobbies to take up in 2023 please? 

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By Erin O’Neill

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